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Postural Realignment Massage

Postural Realignment massage is the use of Neuromuscular massage techniques to  reset  muscles and compensation patterns back to the correct position.  This technique overrides and eventually erases muscle memory that has been built up over time, repetition, trauma or by injury.  This type of work is not painful but will ease or even eliminate pain.

This type of massage is a very effective way to relieve major issues of the body due to the fact that it is the muscles that will pull the structure out of the correct alignment.

Why not go to a chiropractor?

Manual chiropractic focuses on the skeletal structure. This is working the symptom not the cause since it is the muscles that create misalignments. Therefore, chiropractic is just a temporary fix for the problem.

By balancing the tonicity between an antagonist and protagonist muscle like the tricep and bicep, both muscles should be relaxed.  When we are in correct alignment there should be no tension in the body at all.  We are perfectly balanced on each of our joints.  Any pain that you experience is the body’s way of telling you something is not working properly.

By putting your body in the correct alignment , joints will no longer pop or crack or wear down causing pain.  You will have more energy rather than using energy to hold compensation patterns in the body.  You will feel taller and more relaxed.

Check out the testimonials from people that have had a Postural Realignment and then choose for you. 

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