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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Massage Pricing

60/90 Minute Access Energetic Face Lift     $120/$160

An amazing energetic process which reverses the appearance of aging of the face and creates similar effects throughout the body with an increase in energy and vitality. Wrinkles and lines dissipate and eventually disappear after multiple sessions. 

30 Minute     $50  

Choice of a general back, neck and shoulder massage, or flushing of legs,  or full body lymphatic drainage massage

30 Minute Realignment     $60  

NMR techniques to reset muscle allowing the cervical vertebrae to realign and increase range of motion.        

60/90 Minute Swedish Full Body     $100/$140

General full body massage

 Prenatal Massage        $120  

Massage specific for pregnancy and the issues associated from 2nd trimester to term on a prenatal table.                                   

Raindrop Therapy Treatment     $120                                                      

100% Therapeutic grade essential oils on spine and feet to eradicate viral and bacterial pathogens in the body and help strengthen the immune system and then full body lymphatic massage.

60 Minute Postural Realignment     $120                                               

NMR techniques to reset one postural deviation either pelvic tilt, neck, shoulder.

90 Minute Postural Realignment     $160                                                 

NMR techniques to reset more than one compensation pattern.

30 Minute Bars Session     $75                       

Pushing 32 delete buttons on your head to release old junk files making it easier for your brain to function with more clarity.

60/ 90 Minute Bars Session     $150/$200 

Using clearing statements to unblock limitations that are keeping you from making the changes you desire in conjunctions with pushing the 32 delete buttons.

Raindrop and Bars Combo     $150                                                    

Raindrop therapy with 30 minute bars session

60 Minute Massage and Bars Combo     $150                                 

Swedish massage and 30 minute bars session

60 Minute Postural Realignment and Bars Combo          $180

MTVSS and Body Processes     $100 

Energy work similar to a Reiki session using energy process specific for what your body requires. 

Five 60/90 Minute Realignment Package                                $500/$700

$20 off each massage for a total of $100 savings

All 3 of my specialized services Package                           $400

Raindrop, 90 Minute Postural Realignment, 90 Minute Bars, $20 off each session, $60 savings

Five Prenatal Massages     $500

$10 off each session for a $50 savings

Five 30 minute Massages     $200

$5 off each session for a $25 savings

Five 30 Minute Bars Sessions      $300

$15 off each session for a $75 savings

Five 60/90 Minute Bars sessions     $600/$800

$30/$40 off each session for a $150/$200 savings



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