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Sport Enhancement and Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Sport Enhancement

When the body is not in the correct alignment, the joints are not articulating correctly, which wear out the cartilage creating joint pain. Muscle fibers are either over stretched or contracted, and there is a higher risk of injury.  When a muscle fiber is already in contraction, it is unable to help facilitate the movement it is designed for. Over time, the more fibers locked into contraction in a particular muscle, the harder it is to do the movement, the weaker it feels and there is less power behind the movement.

By having a Postural Realignment done, we reset the muscles back to the correct tonicity putting into balance both antagonist and protagonist muscle which means both muscles are relaxed and free to do what movement it is designed for. The joints are articulating correctly, allowing for more ease as well.  This results in more strength, power and flexibility in the movement.  The body is much more efficient in its function.

Baseball players and Golfers gain more accuracy and power behind their swing, Runners eliminate the risk of hamstring tears and wear on hip and knee joints. Rock climbers gain better use of their forearms for more strength and endurance. All athletes no matter what sport will benefit from postural realignment work to better enhance their performance.

Sport Injury Rehabilitation

No matter the injury, rehabilitation through massage will be an absolute benefit and has the potential to get athletes back to 100% doing the sport that they love. For frozen shoulders or ROM (range of motion) issues, the Neuromuscular techniques will unlock all the contraction creating those restrictions. Techniques to release adhesions and to break up scar tissue will also enhance ROM and increase flexibility.

Sport Recuperation

Basic flushing of muscles after events increases the body's ability to release all the lactic acid that has built up and allows the body to continue training and doing events at a high intensity with ease. 

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