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Joan is the absolute best at postural realignment. I have been going to her for years when my pelvis gets out of tilt or multiple other parts get out of whack. Sometimes it takes several sessions to get the changes to hold, but then it may be fine or months or a year or more. She has cured my husband’s lower back problems. I have been to many other massage people, but for realignment, Joan is the absolute best.

Although I was skeptical about Bars, I did have a treatment when I was experiencing something I thought it might help & to my amazement, it worked & the effect has been permanent.

All my best wishes,
Maryann Colarusso


Happy to give you a testimonial!

"I have known Joan for over 10 years. I have experienced her 
Raindrop therapy, Postural realignments, Access Consciousness 
Process, and Bars.

JOAN ROCKS!!! She really understands the body, is highly intuitive,
and is a Master at her work.

I highly recommend any and all of the services Joan offers! Enjoy!!

Dr. Lori Krauss"


“My husband and I have been receiving postural realignment massages from Joan Eurich for several years now and leave every session feeling taller and stronger. Our aches and pains, if we have any, clear up almost immediately. We have recommended Joan to several friends with full confidence they will have great results. We have also benefitted from Joan’s Bars sessions. There have been times my husband and I were experiencing distress or anxiety and Joan’s Bars sessions cleared that right up. We left feeling much more relaxed, focused, and at peace. It’s a gentle and reaffirming experience. We’re grateful for the services we’ve received from Joan.”

Teresa Funke



Postural Realignments

"I have had back and muscle issues for years before coming to Joan. Medical procedures as well as Chiropractic visits did not solve any of my problems. After receiving treatment from Joan Eurich, I am pain free. I have a friend (medical doctor) who visited and gets regular massages wherever he goes. He claims none have compared to Joan's work. He has searched, but could not find anyone who uses the same techniques she uses where he lives."

Ron Colarusso


I have been meaning to let you know that I think you're a miracle worker! I was barely able to walk into your office, much less get up on your table and roll over, but I walked out after 90 minutes pain free!

I had some minor bruising and was only a tiny bit sore the next day, but it was well worth it to be functional without popping pain pills and muscle relaxers!

In the time since my realignment, I have felt better overall and I sleep way better! I can even sleep on my side now which I haven't been able to do comfortably for years.

Thank you so much for your knowledge and healing gift. I will be sending my son to you in the hopes that you can help him with his scoliosis.

Thanks Joan! I will for sure do a testimonial on your website.

Barb M"

So Besides the benefits I already noticed after the 1st session 1. opened BREATHING ABILITY 2. helped my Balance. NOW AFTER THE SECOND REALIGNMENT I have more to report:

I can now walk and turn laterally while maintaining my balance which I had difficulty doing before

I notice I have better visual focusing when I turn my head. 

Less strain down my arm and legs. I feel undone from being all done up!! 

of course less back strain! Sacral region especially 
the psoas muscle released 

I want thank you so much Joan .... your gift of healing is a wonderment that I have been searching for, for so long!!!! Thank You! 

Lou Ann M

Joan has found the culprit to some side, front abdominal pain{the psoas muscle} that I have been having over a year that I had after a Laperscopic surgery (July 2013) After thousands of dollars of MRI's CAT Scans, Ultrasounds etc. nothing was found to be the cause of the strain and pain I have been experiencing. Unfortunately, I did not know of Joan and her abilities to heal until of recent. If I would have known her at least 9 months ago or so I wouldn't have had to do take the time and money for all that testing as well as 6 months of physical therapy!!

L Meyer

Almost twenty years ago when I was just sixteen, I injured my back colliding with the catcher on a risky slide into home base.  I heard the crack and knew I was in trouble.  Back fusion surgery was the recommended procedure at the time.  The surgery went well, and after three months in a body cast and a year of physical therapy, I could play sports again as long as I spent a lot of time stretching after workouts.  Today, I do not have the time for playing sports, but my two boys and the occasional workout keep me pretty fit.  I ski in winter and wake board in summer, but these activities certainly create stress on my 6’6” frame, and my back is the first to let me know all about it. I’ve tried other massages and while they are always relaxing and enjoyable, they do not provide the relief that I gain from a body alignment massage given by Joan.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not for the individual who wants to be pampered. Joan can give those massages too, but the body alignment is more of a workout during which I actively participate as Joan works through my knotted muscles, strengthens others, and brings my bones into maximal alignment.  I have come to depend on these regular massages – my back thanks me, and I thank Joan. I no longer go anywhere else!

Trae R

I have been going to Joan for years.  She is a healer indeed.  I have done the postural realignment, full body Swedish and massage/Bars combo.  She has a wealth of information, is engaging and completely effective at what she does.  She goes above and beyond and is truly concerned with your health.  I believe she is one of the best.  Thank You Joan!  

Jennifer R

Joan Eurich is a truly gifted massage Therapist. Her Knowledge of anatomy coupled with her advanced massage techniques has healed several problems I have had in the past. The most recent was an acute pain in my lower back that made it difficult to stand for long periods of time and was interfering with the dancing I do several nights a week. After just one massage, I felt remarkably better and after two the problem was completely eliminated.

Joan has in the past helped my with a frozen shoulder and neck problems. After having an MRI I was recommended to have surgery. After working with Joan, the problem was totally resolved without it. I recommed Joan unconditionally. She is a true healer.

Trudy Reeder

Joan worked on my back, adjusting my tilted pelvis and re-setting certain muscles. I just wanted to say that she made a huge difference just from one session.
Things started feeling better the next day and now, a week later, it feels almost 100%. Thanks so much.

Doug B

I have battled with migraines and tension headaches for 12 years. They first started when I was in a car crash.  I have been in the E.R. to many times to count because of this. It has been so debilitating to function as a wife and mother. I have taken countless medications, done physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and massage. When I met Joan and found out she had a different way of doing massage I thought I would give it a try. I went in with ahorrible headache and left with no headache at all. I was amazed. Every time I have gone in with a headache she helps it go away. Joan is better than anything I have tried. She has made my life good again.

Sarah T

Joan has been a lifesaver for me! At age 21, scoliosis had given me terrible back pain and awful piercing cramps that really restricted my movement. Within one session with Joan, my  moderate-bad scoliosis (which a childhood back brace had done nothing for) was drastically straighter, and both the piercing pain and constant ache were gone! With a few more visits to Joan, I've been pain-free for over a year now! Plus she always makes me  feel comfortable, and is very adaptable to what I want to work on that day. 

Danielle C

I have suffered with neck pain for the last 25 years. I have been to many physical therapists, orthopedic, neurological and sports medicine doctors and several masseuses. Joan is the only person who has given me any relief. We have been working on neck and back realignment and as promised, each time I have been to see her, the relief has lasted an increased amount of time. It's hard to undo the damage from car accidents and the effects of arthritis overnight  but I do feel better and all the credit goes to Joan. Thanks!!

Karen Barbour

I had severe pain in my whole leg from my sciatic nerve.  I was taking a lot of pain medication, but it wasn't helping.  Thank God that I found Joan Eurich.  Her therapy has helped me so much - I am almost pain free without any medication.  I am so grateful.  Joan Eurich is wonderful in both her professional and personal mannner.
Jim W

Joan Eurich is a blessing in my life and a joy to all who know her.  When we first met, I had limited range of motion in both neck and shoulders. My lower back pain was nearly constant and I had frequent headaches.  After working with Joan and her postural re-alignment techniques, my pain lessened, range of motion was considerably better and my chronic lower back pain had subsided.  Joan is truly unique in her style and abilities.  I had tried just about everything before we met and nothing seemed to make a long lasting change.  I can say, without reservation, my life was greatly improved from our sessions and from getting to know Joan and her healing energy.   Thank You Joan!     

Carol Menning


I suffer from neck tension and lower back strain from sitting at a desk studying for long periods of time.  Joan has been instrumental in relieving my neck and back pain, while increasing my overall well being. Joan is always willing to accommodate my busy schedule and I appreciate her dedication in making every second of my appointment count! I highly recommend Joan as I truly feel she has healing hands! i always leave my appointments taller and more invigorated than when I first arrive.

B.K.W. client since 2006

I am a teenage boy who had suffered from migraine headaches. Some so bad I was brought to the emergency room. When the doctor wanted to put me on daily prophylactic medication, my mom wasn't comfortable with that. She knew Joan had mentioned that she could help eliminate migraines easily, and made an appointment for me. I have been a client of Joan’s for two years now, and can not even remember the last time I had a simple headache. She is truly amazing, and I would recommend her services to anyone who suffers from migraines.


About 40 years ago I injured my lower back. Until recently I have had limited relief. MD did cortisone with only temporary relief. Chiropractor has provided temporary relief with frequent visits. After the 2nd visit with Joan, a month apart, I flew to Italy spent 15 days touring and flew home. I could not believe I was still pain free. Still hard to believe but true. I recommend Joan without reservation.

Ron Colarusso

I have been going to Joan for 2 years  to treat tendonitis & various other aliments with postural realignment massages.  Joan's treatments provide immediate relief that sometimes lasts for months.  She has also helped me by showing me exercises to help prevent reoccurrence of my aliments.  I recommend her realignment massage to all of my friends, & those who have had massages all have been pleased with the results of their treatments.  
Recently, I had numbness in my leg that a chiropractor was treating for some time without relief & I was told to make an appointment with a neurologist.  I went to Joan & two treatments later the numbness was gone.  Yay!   The quality of my life has improved greatly as I can now sit & walk normally again.  I can't say enough about how much I value her services.
Maryann Colarusso

I had a few sessions with Joan as I had pain in my back muscle due to hard training and bad posture. She is extremely skilled and professional. She realigned my back to improve my posture, and she worked the areas where the pain was so as to loosen the stiff muscles that caused the pain. She is also a very likable person, and she will always greet you with a big smile. Highly recommended! 



There is no way I can explain what your services have provided me. I have a bulging cervical C6-C7 disk, which 2 surgeons recommended operating to fuse. I tried multiple alternative approaches to alleviate my pain.  In just two visits, you were able to re-align my muscle memory allowing my spine to restore to its natural position - that was 4 years ago.   For the past 4 years I have been back to full activity bike riding,  running, skiing and even week long backpack trips with a 40 pound pack.   This has been nothing short of amazing.  I have recommended numerous people to your services.  They all go in very skeptical of what a neuro-muscular massage can provide, and come out telling me they wished they had listened to me a long time ago. 

John Agosta


I have seen Joan for 13 years as my primary massage therapist.  She is extremely talented, especially where Neuromuscular Release massage is concerned.  I have many low back, hamstring and quad issues from running, and she can always work them out.  She has superior knowledge of the body's anatomy and muscle groups, and can work out any soft tissue injury. If I am on vacation or at a spa, I really don't want a massage, b/c no other massage will be as good as Joan's.

Rachel Blunk


"Joan is a wonderful massage therapist. I went to Joan when I was having back and neck pain. She was able to use a technique that actually tilted my pelvis -which was tilted back- back into the proper direction. It has been about 6 weeks and my pelvis continues to hold its corrected position. This has helped me to release the pain that has been locked up in other areas of my body. Joan also uses Access Body processes that have been really beneficial in reducing the pain in my neck. Thank you Joan!"

Mary Dravis-Parrish

I have been to many massage therapists and although I have had wonderful experiences with each of them, when I went to Joan Eurich for some neck and back issues, she was able to apply therapeutic massage to create wonderful changes. I was having neck pain and after Joan did some massage and body processes, the pain began to work its way out. I also saw Joan for some back pain and after one session my pelvis which had been tilted back, had been put back in place and has remained there without moving back. I highly recommend Joan for people who are looking for more than just a feel-good massage. She is also trained in other techniques that can be useful for each individual's needs. Thank you Joan! -

Mary Dravis-Parrish, Fort Collins, CO


For years I had been living with and “ignoring” the constant pain from an old volleyball injury.  I had seen chiropractors, kinesiologists, and acupuncturists, in addition to having regular massages. Sometimes these treatments lessened the pain for a day or two.  But it would always return. And, strenuous activity, like yard work, always made it much worse.  Then by some miracle, I met Joan Eurich.  I had one postural realignment session with her and voila, the pain is completely gone.  It’s now almost six months later and still – zero pain.  Joan is a massage therapy Goddess!  I am so grateful. ~


What a glorious day! After 10 crazy days, I can feel my feet again, both the numbness and burning pain are gone. Joan Eurich is without question the most amazing and talented body worker I’ve ever known. She has yet again fixed my bod! Thank you Joan! You're awesome!

Deberah Bringelson


When I first met Joan, I was suffering from migraine headaches. No matter what I did, I just could not get any relief.  I then had the great fortune of meeting Joan and having a massage session.  I felt so good after just one massage that I rescheduled and the rest is history.  With each successive massage I just kept feeling better and better. I’m happy to say I am now migraine free for over 2 years now and I owe it all to Joan. I would drive 80 miles one way to Joan’s office and people would ask me why I was driving from Highlands Ranch to Fort Collins just for a massage.  My reply, “It’s not just a massage, it’s major relief from debilitating headaches from the best massage therapist in Colorado.”  Joan has been a lifesaver. I no longer take endless amounts of useless medications.  My headaches are gone and my quality of life has improved 100%.  Joan is not only a great therapist, she’s an angel in disguise. Thanks Joan for giving me back my life. 

Barb Seemiller 


Joan Eurich is truly a gifted person.  Her massages have improved my quality of life dramatically.  I had a frozen shoulder and she was able to guide me through some rehab exercises while massaging my shoulder.  I was able to get full range of motion back and didn’t need the recommended surgery that was the preferred treatment at that time.  Joan also helped me with a back problem that was the result of a car accident.  Again she guided me through exercises while massaging my back and alleviated the pressure that was causing me discomfort.  Joan’s knowledge about anatomy is illustrated whenever she gives a massage. 

Trudy Reeder 

Bars Sessions

"I tried Bars because a friend recommended it to me when I was experiencing intense anxiety. The anxiety was affecting my work, my relationships and my ability to sleep. Before I went into the session I was having waves of anxiety nearly every 30-60 seconds 24 hours a day. After I left, it was almost as if my body was trying to repeat the same pattern, but it just wouldn't go there. Within a day a was nearly anxiety-free and stayed that way for more than a year and a half! The procedure kept me off of medications and let me get back to living life and handling my issues in a healthier way."

Jamie GF

"Wow, Wow, and Wow! You are amazing! That whole thing was amazing Joan. I'm totally relaxed. I can't even believe it! I feel so much better. Even on Saturday, when I found out that my ex husband was coming back to town for a month – didn't even bother me one bit! Thank you so much! I still don't totally understand what you did but it worked! I feel great and can't thank you enough for that."

Lori B

About Joan Eurich, her amazing sense of play is irresistable.  Not a competitive player, she makes everything fun with a "what else is there" and "how much better can this get" kind of attitude.  She is an awesome practitioner of Access Consciousness.  She has light years in the future ability of awareness and sensitivity which she uses to construct clearing questions with precision and accuracy. I highly recommend her for a Bars session at the very least.  She is also a very gifted massage therapist.  I have had many massages, but few equal the effect and benefit that I received from hers.  She has been very kind and open.  I always look forward to our sessions together.

Jeff Hoffman

Joan Eurich's Bars work is amazing!!! I literally "zone out" while she releases the tension points on my head and when I "come to", I feel much much lighter and so relaxed. Afterward, I am ready to do whatever needs to be done and life is good! No worries, no hassles, just feeling great and living life with ease and grace. Bars is a great technique for stress relief and Joan's work is the best I have ever experienced!

Georgia Chaney, Fort Collins, CO




I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy about last night and want to say thank you. Whatever it is, is like magic! I woke up today feeling thankful and happy and free. Better than I have felt in such a long time. I cannot wait to see you again and keep working on this stuff. I went home so excited and my husband was all ears. I think he is wanting to hear more about it and come in himself.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you and I appreciate you and the time you took last night with us. It was fantastic. I feel that I am now on a good path and have the energy to work on myself and just be happier!

Have a great day and I will see you soon

Dawn Kennedy 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got more out of our time together tonight than any workshops, books, coaching sessions, counseling, etc. I have no idea what you did, but I'm really enjoying the effects! Hugs to you, and look forward to seeing you soon! I would be honored if you would use this as a testimonial!  It is absolutely true, and I'm still "buzzing." I feel like I'm on vacation, which is weird, as I tend(ed) to be a pretty high-strung person!! One day, I'd like to learn your magic words!  Thanks again, brilliant lady!

Kelly McCarthy


So in a nutshell, my hubby and I put in an offer on a new house. We low balled it and offered cash. All the starts have aligned as far as selling/refinancing etc. We are very excited! I have so much peace about it and it has been effortless. The old me would've been crunching numbers and freaking out all the way. 

Also, you saw that I got those insurance checks the night of the class. I also had a patient call insisting on paying a debt I had forgiven. Money is flowing effortlessly. Thank you!


"I am the lock, I am the key. I am the lock, I am the key" Thank you Joan!!! Great class, haven't been able to stop thinking about the excitement all week! Tim is so excited to learn how to bend forks, he won't stop talking about it!!

Amanda Laabs

When I left the Bars class on Sunday afternoon, I was feeling rather stupefied, to put it mildly.  Throughout Monday I walked around saying, "I feel so good!" The feeling had nothing to do at all with the bounty that had flowed toward me all day as a result of the class, but was an inner joy that had become "uncorked".  Obviously Joan, there was a huge shift, and I am very grateful to you for your very dedicated, professional, compassionate approach to your teaching and to life.  You have my permission to read this to future classes, if it would serve as a small indication of the many beneficial possibilities that can occur with the powerful quantum fields of Access Consciousness, Bars and Matrix Energetics.

Connie Shaw



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